Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of donations do you accept?

Almost anything! Computers, keyboards, iPads, tablets, monitors, mice, are just a few examples.

How do I donate?

Head over to our donate page! We‘ll talk and schedule a drop off date.

What should I do before donating?

If you can, please factory reset your device and remove all stickers, post-its, etc.

What happens to my hard drive?

We take all drives out of donated systems, drill through them with a drill press, and then put in our own solid-state drives (SSDs). That way, not only is your data not going to anyone, it is getting absolutely and irrevocably destroyed. If you'd feel more comfortable removing the hard drives first, you are welcome to do so, but know that we will absolutely do it for you as well.

Student Involvement

If you‘re interested in joining, get involved here!

Request Devices

What devices do you have?

View our ready-to-donate inventory here.