Starting a BinaryHeart Chapter

Are you interested in bringing BinaryHeart to your high school or college? See the information below to get started.

Basic Information

What is BinaryHeart?

BinaryHeart is a student service organization that aims to spread digital access. We collect, fix, and donate computers to groups in need of technology resources.

What are some of the benefits of creating a club as a BinaryHeart chapter?

As a chapter, we'll support the founding and operations of your club. For example, we can provide guidance, supplies, branding, and connections. You'll recieve a BinaryHeart email address and a section on this website.

What is the process of starting a new chapter?

The basic outline of founding a chapter is the following:

  1. Find 2-4 other students at your school interested in starting a chapter.
  2. Contact us at We'll schedule meetings to discuss logistics including recieving donations, maintaining an inventory, finding potential recipients, and operating the club. You'll also recieve BinaryHeart resources.
  3. Register as a club at your school.
  4. Begin club operations!

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